Newsletter April 2014

First Quarter Stats

In the first three months of 2014, we have helped at total of 844 people (184 families, 324 men, 235 women and 285 children). This is up from 654 people over the same period in 2013 – an increase of 29%. Although it is a struggle we are just about managing to meet demand, and this is all due to the fantastic support that we continue to receive from our volunteers, local church congregations, schools and businesses. A big thank you to you all.

Working with Alresford

We are trying hard to make our service as accessible as possible to those people who live in the outlying areas of the Winchester district, but sometimes we can’t do it all by ourselves and need a helping hand from the communities themselves. An excellent example of this is the work that has been going on in Alresford. There are people in this area and its surrounding villages who need our help just as much as those who live anywhere else, but they sometimes find it hard either to obtain a food voucher, or struggle to come into Winchester to collect food. We are really pleased that the Alresford Rotary Club have a list of volunteers who can collect food for Alresford residents and deliver it to their homes at the request of our agents. On the opposite side of the coin, Churches Together in Alresford have teamed up with the local Co-op store in West Street, to provide a trolley where people can leave donations of food for us to redistribute to the needy. The photo shows some of the group at the recent ‘trolley launch’.

Co-op trolley

Waitrose Food Collection

Thanks also to everyone who supported our food collection at the Waitrose store in Weeke on the last weekend in March. A trusty band of volunteers, which included several of the Waitrose partners, helped to collect an amazing 63 crates of food. We estimate that this was enough to provide five days of food to about 80 clients – a fabulous achievement!